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  • Researchers discover a genetic mutation that prevents diabetes complications
    A number of complications are associated with diabetes, but they are more prevalent in some patients than in others. A Finnish study has now revealed two genetic mutations which seem to lower the risk of contracting a diabetic retinal or kidney disease. (10.2.2016)
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery does not cure sensations of knee catching or locking
    A new Finnish study proves that a commonly used surgical treatment does not help patients who suffer from “mechanical symptoms” (sensations of knee catching or locking) associated with a degenerative knee. “Established medical concepts need to be rigorously tested from time to time to see how they stand up to scrutiny. No assumption is too obvious not to be tested in medicine”, says Professor Teppo Järvinen, who led the research. (9.2.2016)
  • Young adults needlessly anxious about their ideal weight
    According to a new study at the University of Helsinki, having a personal "ideal weight" does not aid weight loss.Most young women and nearly half of young men aged 24 would like to weigh less than they do.A decade later, only one in five women and one in seven men is at or beneath the previously defined ideal weight. (3.2.2016)
  • Aarhus and Helsinki join forces in doctoral training
    The Doctoral School of Health Sciences in the University of Helsinki and the graduate school of Health in the Aarhus University have agreed on a partnership in doctoral training.(1.2.2016)

XIV conferment ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine

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Professor Willem M. de Vos thrives with young talents

When I started the research of microbiota some 15 years ago there was not much research done in this area.  In the course of years we have gained the understanding that microbiota has a major impact on human health and disease, says Professor Willem M. de Vos who was included in the recent Thomson Reuters list of the world's most influential scientific minds of 2014. De Vos works as professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Helsinki, but most of his present work is more related to the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at the Medical Faculty. (21.8.2014) Read more


The man who wants to conquer diabetes

Just a few decades ago we were slim and fit, now we are fat and feeble. Our genes have not kept up with the change, says Leif Groop, a FiDiPro professor and one of the world’s best-known diabetes researchers. (16.10.2012) Read more




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