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  • Bacteriophages cure bacterial infections
    Phage therapy may be a solution to treating infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Since 2013, researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland have collected bacteriophages to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains, and hope to start clinical phage therapy trials in the near future. (16.11.2016)
  • A common heart problem caused by cancer therapy avoided blood vessel treatment
    Researchers from Wihuri Research Institute and the University of Helsinki, Finland, have found that some of the harmful effects of a commonly used cancer drug can be alleviated by using gene therapy that stimulates blood vessel growth in the heart. (1.11.2016)
  • From the piano to the pipette
    Professor Pentti Tienari studies the causes of multiple sclerosis and plays the piano to unwind. Laura Leisma has sung the main role in more than twenty operas, and works as a dentist. Together with 60 other musician doctors, they are fundraising for medical research in a concert organised on 10 November. (30.10.2016)
  • High resting heart rate and blood pressure linked to later mental health disorders
    A high resting heart rate and blood pressure in youth predict an increased susceptibility for anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder later in life, reveals an extensive study conducted by the University of Helsinki and the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. (27.10.2016)
  • A stem cell gene found to command skeletal muscle regeneration
    Prox1 gene has long been known to play an important role in fetal development. Finnish researchers have now discovered that Prox1 is essential also for skeletal muscle stem cell differentiation. (12.10.2016)

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Life is peculiar thing

What is life where does it begin and where does it end? Professor Hannu Sariola is a doctor, pathologist, and researcher in developmental biology. You would be forgiven for assuming he is a man with a clear understanding of both life and death. However, when asked “what is life”, he answers: "I don’t know. Maybe we could define it like this: All living things consume energy." (11.3.2016) Read more



Professor Willem M. de Vos thrives with young talents

When I started the research of microbiota some 15 years ago there was not much research done in this area. In the course of years we have gained the understanding that microbiota has a major impact on human health and disease, says Professor Willem M. de Vos who was included in the recent Thomson Reuters list of the world's most influential scientific minds of 2014. De Vos works as professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Helsinki, but most of his present work is more related to the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at the Medical Faculty. (21.8.2014) Read more



The man who wants to conquer diabetes

Just a few decades ago we were slim and fit, now we are fat and feeble. Our genes have not kept up with the change, says Leif Groop, a FiDiPro professor and one of the world’s best-known diabetes researchers. (16.10.2012) Read more


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